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This beatiful software helps you become more productive when working from home
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2 July 2012

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This is a tool that can help manage productivity by scheduling work with this tool.

This software helps you become more productive when working from home. You will need this tool to make a best possible plan for the day of activities that need to be done. Once the planning is done, the tool will work like an automated timer to keep reminding you about the time you may have spent already on the activity. It will also tell you if you are procrastinating and are late for start of an activity. If you need to follow the completion of actual tasks involved, this tool may not be so suitable. Best thing to do would be to use a suitable task manager to keep track of tasks and projects linked to it with the task manager. With the schedule planner you would be able to see clearly where all the 24 hours of time is going. Your productivity is helped as you realize clearly what needs to be optimized.

The simple interface makes it all easy to use the tool. This has a simple interface and is quite intuitive. Most users would be able to get productive very quickly. The controls are also well laid out. The controls are intuitive so that most users will be able to figure out what to do and how to do it. The plan for what to do when, is there in front of you and thus takes away all the excuses for procrastination or forgetting what needs to be done. This is a good product and has many useful features. If you have a need, here is a good candidate for trying out.

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This beatiful software helps you become more productive when working from home. If you ever find yourself wasting time and procrastinating you will benefit from this. Set yourself a 'perfect day' schedule and the software will make you stick to it. The software works like a super-charged automated pomodoro timer. You'll become perfectly aware of what exactly you are using your 24 hours for. It uses a graphical interface to show how much each time block takes from your day. This way you can identify where you might be wasting time and can optimize your daily schedule usage accordingly. The whole user interface is just drop dead gorgeous. Using it is like playing a game and definitely one of the best designs seen recently. Of course you can make corrections to your schedule although you are not supposed to do that very often. It works off the 'systems mentality' of doing one thing over and over again until you get to success and the app is doing a good job keeping you in this system. It eliminates the 'what do I do next?', 'what should I be doing at the moment?', 'I don't have time!' excuses. You will know the answer to any of these just by taking a quick glance at the software. It is there to remind you when you should start or stop doing something, but otherwise stays out of your way so you can concentrate on your work, instead of messing around with the software. SPP is more of a true time management app and not specifically meant to be a task management suite. Howevever, it also has support for todo lists for each time block so you don't have to use a bunch of different applications for almost the same thing. http:/
Session Planner Pro
Session Planner Pro
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